Daniel Feerst or the growth of a human resources expert

The upsurge of a human resources business influencer : Daniel Feerst? According to Daniel Freest, there are tons of good publications out there that serve as good avenues for you to get your work noticed and he is a publisher at Workexcel.com. WorkExcel.com is for Safety professionals. WorkExcel.com’s products and services provide you with the ability to help more employees, clients, or patients. In many cases, our products allow you to more easily reach family members and significant others as well.

Dan Feerst owns WorkExcel.com and is President of DFA Publishing & Consulting, LLC and located near Charleston, South Carolina. Daniel A. Feerst, MSW, LISW-CP (SC 8845) is publisher of the WorkExcel.com (EAPtools.com), author of all content on the website, and general manager of DFA Publishing & Consulting, LLC. Dan Feerst publishes customizable employee newsletters and customizable supervisor newsletters along with many other OD, HR, and EAP training and education products.

One of the unique aspects of many WorkExcel.com products is our ability to edit or brand materials so that it works seamlessly with your organization’s website or educational program. Many of our products are offered in several media formats. We know that many of you are experts in your fields and have preferences for specific topics, content, and use specific terms for health conditions, etc.. Not all companies are the same and work cultures can differ, also. We recognize modifications to training materials may be desired, and this capability must be part of the product you purchase. We give you this control over most products, either at your end after purchase, or by helping you prior to purchase with customization, adding your logo, taking our name off the product, etc.

Daniel Feerst discusses the problems with improper management handling of employees with performance problems who drug and alcohol issues are evident in the workplace. It is possible to refer troubled employees to an addiction treatment program. And it is possible to use the leverage of job security to do it. In fact, it works beautifully. However, it’s “all in the wrist” Daniel Feerst likes to say.A referral made under these circumstances takes professional guidance and support, not presence at the intervention (which is a fool’s errand) but in fact a few tips and guidance on structure to make the management intervention work well.

Daniel Feerst about the Little-Known Secrets to Getting Featured in Any Publication: Week 3: Suggest pieces and subject matter ideas, after which input into discussions with the writers approximately precise subjects. This will start to construct the relationship to some extent of believe, that is the important thing for publishing. Week 4: Suggest co-writing a piece. Provide a quote or a ghost-written piece for the writers that you’ve evolved an amazing courting with. Come up with subjects which are in line with their perspective and advantage their end game. In maximum cases, this will be a good article. Find additional details at Dan Feerst.

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