Laptop docking station and other items on sale

Let’s take a look some of the hottest items reaching in stores this year. Looking for the purrfect trending product to sell to pet owners? This pet bed has been clawing its way to the top of the sales charts. According to Google Trends, “dog bed” has seen some strong growth in search volume. And Keywords Everywhere indicates that the term “dog bed” gets 246,000 monthly searches. “Cat bed” also has a sizeable amount of traffic with 60,500 monthly searches for the keyword. If you own a pet store, you can promote this pet bed on visual platforms like Pinterest and Instagram. On Pinterest, you can join pet group boards, which allow you to promote your products to a bigger audience. On Instagram, you can partner with pet-related fan pages to get a shoutout in a post or in an Instagram Story. By partnering with a big fan page, your product can be seen by a much larger audience, especially if you’re just starting out.

Phone lenses help capture better photographs. They are available in multiple settings. Search for those that have better quality and more order volume while selling on your store. Phone lenses have been in the market for the last few years and have remained a top selling product on most dropshipping stores. It is good to see they still haven’t lost their charm. Buy camping accessories and other products on Gizmoist online store.

These light bulbs are known to shine bright and last long. While these new products can only be sold in countries like the USA, Japan, and certain South American countries due to their high voltage, those markets have a combined population of nearly 1 billion people. The best part about selling light bulbs is that you’ll be able to increase average order value easily by bundling these products. Most people don’t only buy one light bulb at a time when shopping. Thus, allowing you to make more money out of each customer.

Despite the name, pre-seasoned cookware has nothing to do with spices. Cast-iron skillets need to be seasoned — meaning vegetable oil is baked into the pores of the metal — to create a nonstick surface and prevent them from rusting. Usually, you have to go through the whole seasoning process at home, but Lodge just saved you all the work. This durable pan is ready to use right out of the box. On offer usb flash drive and more products on Gizmoist.

Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale, Health-related electronics are also in trend this year; such as this bathroom scale. It comes in two variants suitable for people up to 400 or 440lbs, and it’s been rated by over 9,300 people. With 4.5 stars, the product enjoys an excellent reputation, and it could be a great addition to your catalog.

More inclusive clothing: A few major moves — Walmart acquiring plus-size fashion brand Eloquii, ThirdLove expanding to 70 total bra sizes (compared to the industry average of 30), and Universal Standard’s shift to selling sizes 00 through 40 — in 2018 alone tell us that inclusive sizing is the practice to follow. The companies that make thoughtful, concerted efforts to serve the portion of the population who wear above a size 12 will be rewarded with enthusiastic and loyal customers who have never had their clothing needs met first. Sizing isn’t the only way clothing brands are appealing to underserved groups. Brands like Wildfang make better-fitting androgynous styles and give customers the ability to shop across the gender spectrum to express their personal style. Looking to purchase some leather briefcase for men at a reduced price ? Visit Gizmoist online shop.

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