Mean Girls tickets on Broadway

How to buy for Mean Girls? Every piece put into place, Mean Girls is the perfect show for a current high school student, as it is adapted for modern culture with slang, jokes, and technology that fits the school system. Despite this, mature audiences are suggested in the situation of raunchy humor. Overall, Mean Girls was so fun it could make fetch happen!

The Mean Girls Broadway ticket market provides numerous options when it comes to buying tickets. In general, we can divide the market into primary and secondary. To put it simply – the primary market is the ticket box office (the box office at the August Wilson, the TKTS around Times Square, and the ticket booths of the different providers), and secondary – the online market (this the resale market). The cheapest possible option is the box office at the August Wilson Theater. But being the cheapest and most popular option of all, it runs out of tickets the quickest. However, if you still manage to snag some tickets there, feel free to use the code “MGBOX” for an additional discount. Discover even more information at

After debuting on Broadway in 2018, the musical version of Tina Fey’s high school comedy Mean Girls is going to try to make “fetch” happen in Chicago. The James M. Nederlander Theatre will host the touring production of the stage adaptation for a five-week engagement from December 25, 2019 to January 26, 2020. Boasting a book by Fey, the Mean Girls musical follows home-schooled teenager Cady Heron as she begins attending a high school in the Chicago suburbs and contends with Regina George, the most popular (and meanest) girl in her class.

StubHub is one of the major websites in the US for event tickets but as far s Broadway theaters are concerned they offer only resale tickets. It is by far more expensive than those above ($93 or 40%-60% more expensive), but a large reseller like StubHub can provide an adequate last-minute offer. When it comes to time, the best moment to buy is about two or three days before your selected performance. This way you’ll have enough tickets in stock to pick from, and the prices will be low. For example, 2 days before the show, there are a bit over 500 box office tickets (cheapest option) available and around 150 tickets on the resale market at substantial markup over face value. The day of the performance is usually the busiest – you’ll have way below 100 tickets in stock, and the prices would be sky-high.

“Freak!” “Ugly!” These words and many others littered the huge electronic screen in a series of notebook pages amongst many other things which launched the audience of Mean Girls on October 1st at the Orpheum theatre into a beloved 80s film made new in a spectacular display of modern Broadway maximalism. At the sound of the first orchestra hit, each audience member became a high school student, class of archetypes, cliques, and–of course–we mustn’t forget the Plastics.

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