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Here are some guidelines if you want to improve your online lead generation. Leads are like snowflakes-no two are identical. And this applies to how they obtain their information as well. Some like social media, while others prefer reading emails or watching videos. Make sure you cover the entire spectrum by presenting content in a variety of formats. Don’t confuse your audience by offering them the option to click on two or three different CTAs on the same page or email. Instead, direct them to one clear CTA that closely aligns with the content presented alongside it.

Ensure that you are able to track return on investment and allocate budgets by using measurable and trackable channels to entice your leads, whether you’re using your website, social media or email or direct marketing. For example, Google Analytics will help you analyse website traffic and report on audience behaviour. Salesforce customer relationship management (CRM) software will help you manage customer relations and prospect interactions. And HubSpot, an inbound marketing and sales platform, offers all of these tools in one. It focusses on tracking a prospect’s activity online, delivering marketing content tailored to their interests, and in a nutshell, helps companies attract visitors, converts leads and close customers.

We have a library of stock photos and collect more in many niches that are available one in our library. We have built our system finding great talent. We open our doors for you to use the same people. This is a collaboration of minds here! If thats not your thing don’t worry we can take care of everything. See more details at Find out how to rank your site and build new clients with our lead generation packages and courses.

Don’t forget about nurturing your leads once you have them in your database! Many marketers think that lead generation ends after lead acquisition, however, what are you doing to move leads through your funnel? Just because someone downloaded a whitepaper doesn’t mean they are ready to buy. Once they are in your system you have to use strategies like lead nurturing to educate them throughout their buying journey. That way, new leads become familiar with your company over time, and once they are ready to be sent to sales you will have much better luck closing the deal.

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Giving away free content may seem counterintuitive, but this strategy creates a sense of trust between your audience and your brand. It can be a downloadable infographic, pdf, or any type of promotional offer. For example, Hubspot gave away 15 free infographic templates to visitors. This saves people a ton of time so they don’t have to create the infographics from scratch. All they have to do is download the template and adjust the contents as needed.

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