DJ Wimberly Atlanta press release

A entrepreneur, DJ Wimberly is the epitome of the American success story. In addition to rebranding his existing companies, plans are already in the works for several newventures including a real estate firm, transportation company, an online radio streaming service, restaurants, and a financial services company. And that’s just for starters! DJ Wimberly is living proof that with a clear vision, hard work, and dedication, anything is possible.

By any measure, Wimberly Media Group has been wildly successful. But running my businesses has never been easy. I’ve spoken about the past challenges we faced as a company – how we became the victim of our own success. As the leader of my organization I had to step up and own our shortcomings. I had to take full responsibility. And I did. But don’t be deceived, running a business is not for the faint of heart. It comes with a heavy responsibility. While business owners gets to reap all of the rewards, they also have to carry all of the burden.

Who do you look up to in the world of business? And why? Do I have to pick just one [laughs]? My top three are Jay-Z, P Diddy, and of course Oprah. All three of them share so many of the same traits and qualities. They know what it means to be resilient – they’ve been in the game for so long. Additionally, they all do an excellent job of diversifying their business interests. They constantly look for ways to grow and expand their respective empires. The name of the game is to always evolve – know where the next business opportunity is going to come from.

DJ used the success of his web design company to start several additional subsidiary brands including: Duvi Media – which provided high end fashion wear, Trio Atlantic Management – an artist management firm, Music Hype Online – a digital platform for new artist, Wimberly Interactive – web hosting service, and Ikonic Dance Studio. DJ and his companies have been featured in numerous publications and on several media outlets including CNN. As accomplished as he is, he’s poised for even greater business success in the future. See additional details on DJ Wimberly.

As the new year gets under way, I want to take the opportunity to speak directly to you – the past and future clients of Wimberly Media Group. It is often said that the new year provides an occasion for reflection. A time for all of us to reminisce on our past successes and setbacks, our highs and lows, and to layout our plans and goals for the future. It’s hard to believe it’s been 21 years since I first launched Wimberly Media Group. In the years that followed, we provided top-notch web design services for our clients. I’m very proud of what we accomplished. 1000+ satisfied clients. Listed as the #1 web design firm on Guru. Featured globally on CNN.

Music Site Makers – the company that started it all. MSM was recognized as the #1 web design firm in the country. Providing high quality sites at affordable prices, the firm has amassed over 1000 satisfied clients. Induvia – Contemporary/High End Fashion – Induvia provides a fine line of casual clothing for the working professional who likes to go out for a night on the town. Find additional details at

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