Create a local community to meet people

Join a local group to organize events on Communian. This site allows you to create a group and local events on any topic. Are you passionate about cycling? You can make a local cycling group and start organizing events! What are the benefits of local communities and how they help the human brain and soul? Friend Finder : even for the most outgoing, finding friends with whom you share a passion can pose a problem. Joining an interest group provides an immediate source of acquaintances, friends, and potential best friends — all of whom share your interests.

Strong interest based communities are local focused on Communian. Let’s take reddit for example: /r/buildapc Interested in setting up your own PC from scratch? Building your own instead of buying an off-the-shelf computer allows you to customize your rig to suit your preferences and save you some cash. This community is filled with enthusiasts showing off their latest builds, discussing new PC components and sharing advice on tackling common setup issues. There are loads of resources for first-timers, including an FAQ and guides for choosing components, assembling them and adding some finishing touches like installing essential apps and overclocking your new computer.

Communian is all about social connections. Healthier life. Employees with strong social connections are generally healthier. According to Mayo Clinic, “Adults with strong social support have a reduced risk of many significant health problems, including depression, high blood pressure and an unhealthy body mass index (BMI).” It is also noted that research found that older adults with a rich social life and quality relationships are likely to live a longer life than those with fewer social connections. This is important for employers because healthy employees tend to have higher levels of work performance, take less sick days and bring more energy to the workplace. Connect departments. Sometimes it’s difficult for employees to socialize at work due to the office layout or different departments not having any contact with one another. By simply taking the time to introduce teammates from different departments, employers can provide an opportunity for social connection. Employees will also benefit from having team outings – such as volunteer events or lunches – with other employees from different departments that they typically don’t get to interact with.

You don’t need to look any further in history than the “Vagabonds“ for the perfect example of amazing people inspiring each other. The group consisted of notable industrialists like Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, and Harvey Firestone, who would often go on annual camping trips together. Everyone from US presidents to leading scientists would join them on these trips. See extra info at Local events and communities.

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